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Captain of the Alkubra Police.

Alkubra Police are the police of the Alkubra region and attack bandits. They will attack your caravan if you have negative relationship with them or the Law-Breaker reputation. They use Fort Mitchell as their Central Police Station.

The Alkubra Police is also used to the protect the most influential people of Alkubra and persecute their enemies, like the Narizians due to their alternate views from the reigning Church of Man of Zinc.

The Alkubra Police are led by Captain Mustaparta and headquartered at Fort Mitchell. They offer training in their Police Academy to civilians.

Faction Characters[]

Gameplay Info[]

The Alkubra Police can play a role in the Alkubra missions, depending on the actions of the player.

If the player chooses to help Calvin, he can ask you to contact the police to arrest Kevin A, if the player convince Kevin to give the encrypted letter to deliver to Captain Mustaparta but deliver it to Calvin instead.

If the player chooses to help Kevin A and convince the Narizians to go to Orth to convert themselves to the Church of Man of Zinc, the police will make an ambush there and kill the Narizians.

If the player chooses to help Kevin A, convince the Narizians to build a Narizian Colony, ask financial support to Sapoboi Rodrigues and then convince the Narizians to do something else, Sapoboi will be angry with the player and call the police, giving -50 reputation points with Alkubra Police, most times giving enough negative reputation to make the police act as an enemy. The player can give the money back to Sapoboi to make the reputation with Alkubra Police goes back to normal.

Turning in prisoners to the Alkubra Police will increase your Relationship with the Alkubra Police by +1 for each prisoner remanded. Also, it will give a small increase (less than +1) in the player's Relationships with other governments (Ozbet Government, Janubi Government, Qubba Government, and The Federation). However, it will worsen your Relationship with the Nazarians. (Some other Faction Relationships are also affected positively or negatively.)

If the player follows through with the Qubba questline, correct dialogue options can reward the player with two Volunteers.

The Alkubra Police are always present around central Alkubra cities. They become non-existent around Mundschau, Araten, New Serino, and Confusion.

Towns Owned[]


  • Rovers
  • Scavengers
  • Alkubra Marauders
  • Narizians