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Industry flow extended

Industries and raw materials

  • Never put all your money in buying an industry specially the first one. Always have some capital to keep trading. For example if an industry costs around 500,000 don't buy it if you have exact that amount. I would usually start one if I have 1.1 to 1.2 million. That way you can buy the industry for 500,000. 100,000 in expanding the storage and deposit 100,000 for the industry.The rest 4-5 hundred thousand can be used as capital for trading. Note: While buying an industry you can also bring trade-able goods. This way once you invest in the industry you can sell your goods in the market and get your money back from the town/city
  • Buy industries in larger towns and cities. This way the local consumption is good enough to keep prices high locally freeing you from baby sitting the industry and moving you produced goods to get the best price.
  • Buy industries in towns/cities which have an industry for the raw material required in your industry. This keeps the prices of raw materials lower and you don't have to worry about keeping the raw materials for your industry available.
  • Having a good storage allows you to keep the prices up as goods produced are stored rather than being sold off locally automatically and can be sold to another city for a higher price.
  • Always deposit a decent amount to keep the industry running without selling of products produced locally to get money.
  • Buying industry in a city where other cities are close by allows you to save time in selling your produced in another city while saving time and check other city for a better price.
  • I found the most profitable industries to be non food end product industries like leather jackets, trousers, shirts, etc.
  • Diversify your industries to keep your production below the demand and raw material.
  • Opening multiple industries in a single city allows you to manage them easily.