Caravaneer 2 Wiki

The Cannibals' Camp is a special location encountered in the "Solve the missing people problem in Confusion" mission. It is swarming with hostile cannibals (16 in Normal mode, 19 in Hard mode). It exists in Story Mode only.

Once the camp is cleared, the player can store a total of 300kg of items here.

If the player found Camp before the mission, there will be no cannibals or store space in it yet.

There are no other services at this location. It can be found 226.6°, 261 Km from Confusion.

All of the cannibals will fight with melee weapons except for one person, who will have a Luger 08


The person wielding the Luger 08 is named after Albert Fish, an American serial killer also known as The Werewolf of Wysteria