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Caravaneer 1 Protagonist
Martin Milloshi
Vital statistics
Occupation Caravaneer
Gender Male
Faction Caravans
Religion None
Status Dead
Location Poca Cosa (actual Milloshigrad)

"You were lucky to survive the catastrophe, but, as most survivors, you kept fightning for your life every single day. You worked hard to earn little money that was barely enough to buy food. You had to accept any job and always be ready to be fired from it. You knew that if you got sick, you would probably die, because you couldn't afford buying medicines or paying medical services. Your life was hard and miserable until the day you received a letter that said that you had inherited the property of your uncle who has recently died. You hadn't seen your uncle for many years and didn't know much about him. They said he was a caravaneer, and you supposed that he might have had some money. However, it wasn't the money that appealed you, but the chance to change your life forever. To receive your inheritance you had to go to a far'away town called Poca Cosa, and you didn't think twice. You spent all the money you had to buy some food and water for the journey and set off immediately.

Now you are just several kilometers away from Poca Cosa. The first thing you need to do when you get there is to speak to Mr. MacCoy, the sheriff of the town, and receive your inheritance. If you don't do it, you will run out of food very soon."

- Caravaneer 1 Prologue

"80 years have passed since then. He died long time ago."

— Nikuban about Caravaneer 1 Protagonist

The Caravaneer 1 Protagonist was an ancient hero of Qubba and appeared in the first Caravaneer game as a caravaneer that helped John Sheppard and the Desert Patrol militia to do the revolution in Qubba about 80 years ago.

Nikuban tells that there is a huge statue in Patrolton of two guys standing back-to-back to each other. One of them being John Sheppard and the other one being Caravaneer 1 Protagonist.

The Caravaneer 1 game let the player choose between 10 Preset Characters - 5 males and 5 females - to play with:

  • Martin Milloshi
  • Selma Nilsson
  • Ahmed Ashrawi
  • Jasmine Mahankali
  • Eko Bombata
  • Lisa Mitchell
  • Lin Park
  • Kumiko Kobayashi
  • Juan Miguel Ulloa
  • Taipa Pell

It is possible to customise the character's name and the distribution of attributes points, but not the character's look. And in the gameplay it is possible to choose between help Desert Patrol or the Qubba Government.

However, Caravaneer 2 shows that the true timeline is that where the protagonist is male, is Martin Milloshi, the first Preset Character, and that he chosen the help Desert Patrol, considering that Nikuban says "he" and "guy" when referring to the protagonist, the town of Poca Cosa got renamed to Milloshigrad, and the actual state of Caravaneer world politics,