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What is Caravaneer 2?

Caravaneer 2 is the second part of the first game, Caravaneer. The game is a fusion between an RPG with turn-based battles and an economics simulator. You will be situated in a post-apocalyptic desert with the goal of surviving and working towards completing your missions in Story Mode.

There are many different ways to work towards your goals but the most straightforward method is to transport goods between towns, buying them when they're cheap and then selling it for a higher price in another town. The money you spend can be used for anything from hiring mercenaries, getting more guns to defend against bandits, enlarging your caravan to transport more goods, and much more. Throughout the story mode, you will be brought into the world and the dozens of factions in it, making choice that can affect things from small tribal wars to abolishing slavery in a entire region.

Official instructions, made by the creator of the game himself, can help new players understand the game and how it works. It will give an in-depth explanation on how things work in Caravaneer 2. It will explain the basics as well as the more advanced information that is not covered in the in-game tutorial.

It is OK to feel a little overwhelmed, make a lot of sub-optimal choices and experience many kinds of gruesome deaths from stab and crossbow bolt wounds, thirst and starvation within half day's walk of the safety of your Bunker, or just turn out to nothing but a poor hobo for life at your first attempts in the game. There is a quick Starting strong guide designed to ease the learning curve for you and assist you in your gameplay.

Caravaneer 2 has four different screens to be adjusted to:


Weapons Attachments Game Concept
Melee Weapons Armor Game Walkthrough
Crossbows Devices Tips & Tricks
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Shotguns First Aid Questions Page
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