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Case -836

Goedewil Gold Stealing Detection Unit: Case # 836

Case 836 is a case file that can looted in Sigurd's Hut.


The case of the missing gold shipment en route to Qubba is still open and under investigation. We have collected enough evidence from the wreckage to strongly suspect the involvement of a known family of outlaw motorcyclists outside the region, belonging to the gang known as Drekar.

The body of the former Drekar leader known as Hreidmarr, was also found dead near the wreckage. It is believed Hreidmarr died from a rocket fired from his own gang.

The bike belonging to the member of Drekar gang known as Regin was found in the wreckage. He was taken in for questioning but released due to having strong alibi and the testimonial of an ex-police officer, Detective Sigurd, stating Regin was in Libertatem at the time of the attack and his vehicle was reported stolen the week before. He served time for a few petty charges and was released. Regin claims to have severed his ties to the gang but his co-operation was minimal at best.

Unfortunately, our department has lost 2 agents near Drekar territory and can expend no additional manpower to further this case, at this time. The exact whereabouts of Fafnir and the other suspects are not known. What is known is that our agents had collected gold samples from several regions and have concluded that the shipment of gold was never spent.

We strongly suspect the gang's new leader Fafnir of hoarding the stolen shipment of gold. We have found no trace of any of the stolen gold to be sold on the market. Our resources for this case are wearing thin and we cannot get close enough to Fafnir or his affiliates to get the evidence that we need to issue a substantial bounty. We regret to conclude that under Fafnir's leadership, Drekar has quickly grown stronger and more dangerous since the heist.

Captain Kavanagh, G.G.S.D.U.