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Church of Man of Zinc

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"It's a colony where people live, work and play to the Man of Zinc together. It's our way to move away from the profane world and to concentrate on the divine."

Jacob Fulier about Confusion

Confusion is a small religious community in southwest area of the Alkubra region. They follow the religion of the Church of Man of Zinc.

Locations Edit

Market Edit

  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces water, forage, wool, skin, and tallow
  • Edible produces include lamb, goat meat, jerboa meat, snake meat, sheep milk, goat milk, and snake egg

General Store Edit

  • Sells weapons, ammo, containers, tools, etc

Doctor Edit

  • Heals injured people for 48.00 per point

Veterinary Clinic Edit

  • Heals injured animals for 30.00 per point

Install Transmitter Edit

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • Water Well
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Sheep Breeding
  • Goat Breeding
  • Jerboa Breeding
  • Snake Breeding

New Industries Edit

  • None

Special Characters Edit

Jacob Fulier Edit

  • Ex Demon Hunter who now works to keep Confusion a working community
  • He will tell you how to know for sure that Emilia's baby is a demon, give you a ritual axe, and then ask that you bring the body to him