Caravaneer 2 Wiki

All liquids must be stored in a container while they are in the cargo. They however do not need containers if they are in a vehicle or are placed in a storage within a town.

Different types of liquid do not share containers.

List of Liquids[]


Weight (kg / L)

Water 1.00
Alcohol 0.90
Petroleum 0.90
Lubricant 0.90
Fuel 0.80
Donkey Milk 1.00
Goat Milk 1.00
Sheep Milk 1.00
Cow Milk 1.00
Horse Milk 1.00
Camel Milk 1.00


Picture Description Volume (L) Weight (kg) Efficiency (L/kg)
Glass Bottle
Glass Bottle 1 0.35 2.86
Small Metal Jerrycan
Small Metal Jerrycan 5 1.5 3.33
Medium Metal Jerrycan
Medium Metal Jerrycan 10 2.5 4.00
Medium Plastic Jerrycan
Medium Plastic Jerrycan 10 0.6 16.67
Big Metal Jerrycan
Big Metal Jerrycan 20 4.5 4.44
Big Plastic Jerrycan
Big Plastic Jerrycan 20 1.0 20.00
Metal Barrel
Metal Barrel 208 21.0 9.90
Plastic Barrel
Plastic Barrel* 208 8.0 26.00

* can only be obtained by buying them at shops, stealing them from caravans or federation army.

Container Availability[]

Container availability is based on whether there is at least one store in the region that sells the containers. Some containers can be obtained by fighting units even though it is not sold in the region.

Region Glass Bottle Small Metal Jerrycan Medium Metal Jerrycan Big Metal Jerrycan Metal Barrel Medium Plastic Jerrycan Big Plastic Jerrycan Plastic Barrel