Caravaneer 2 Wiki
Vital statistics
Occupation Insect farmer
Gender Male
Faction Lintu
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Alive
Location Silos

"I grow insects, so I have many insects. I don't need so many insects, so I'm interested in selling them, so I'll sell them to you for a good price. Lintu, on the other hand, don't grow any insects, cause they're moving from place to place all the time and can't take the hives with them. Besides, if you are planning to travel to other tribes. I can give you an advice on how to earn money: Buy some wool from Lintu and sell it to Pullid. Old Pullid women might be useless in many things, but they do make krypt good yarn, You can buy this yarn from them and take it to Kivi who use it to make jackets... and jackets... you know.... everybody needs jackets. Sell them wherever you want. Even I may buy one from you if I like the color."

- Cricket

Cricket is the only person living in the ruins of Silos. He is friends with Kukul and the Lintu. He also knows Olaf because Olaf used to visit Cricket's neighbor, but since the neighbor died, Olaf doesn't show up in Silos anymore.

Cricket sells insects, forage, and water and teach the protagonist the basics of trading, suggesting a trade route:


  • Aside being the the only person living in Silos, Cricket divide his work into three industries in the settlement:
    • Insect Farming (Employees: 1.5);
    • Water Well (Size: 2);
    • Forage Cultivation (Employess: 0.1).