Caravaneer 2 Wiki


For all of you out there who want to travel the map without following the history (if you haven't already :|) and who don't want to die of starvation (happened few times...), please find below the maps of each region (under progress so only one map) with directions to other cities/regions as well as few useful information about the cities. Please keep in mind that this is for survival purposes (water, food and forage) not trading (perhaps later on).

So I created the first map (for tribal) and will keep going (the data gathering takes some time). This map is not the most useful (who doesn't know the tribal region), but it'll be the blueprint for the next maps, so we need to find the best way to make a clear and useful map on this draft.

Please provide feedback in the comments on how it reads, if the info is useful or lacking, if there is any mistakes etc, that would be greatly appreciated!

Few points to note:

- Mostly the shortest routes are mentioned (there could be others but let's keep it simple).

- Kilometers may slightly vary since it depends on where you point, but should be pretty accurate.

- "Info on Region" is the same as location (i.e.: if there is no F/W/H in it, it has the basic needs products)

Tribal Region[]

Tribe v0