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Dolland Truffle
Dolland Truffle
Vital statistics
Occupation Manager
Gender Male
Faction Workforce Merchants
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Alive
Location Tifk

"We are paying well. Much better than anybody else around here. Try it. If you don't think that it's enough, you can always leave. Nobody will force you to stay."

— Dolland Truffle

"My boss is Dolland Truffle. I don't know if you've heard about him, but he's a very important person. Very busy too. The chances are that he'll never agree to see you and you'll do all the long travel to Tifk for nothing."

— Calvin about Dolland Truffle

The founder and leader of the infamous slaver group Workforce Merchants. He will hire the protagonist as a worker of Workforce Merchants if indicated by Calvin after Kevin A got captured, arrested by police or killed.

To see Mr. Truffle, it is needed first to speak with her secretary Huli Kitsune, in Tifk. The protagonist will be able to meet Dolland personally only in the Workforce Merchants storyline. Only after being hired by Dolland it will be possible to do missions for the company.

After freeing and delivering Olaf back to Your Bunker, the protagonist can ask Dolland help to find the bunker people, but Dolland will ask the protagonist to do some missions first to prove that he/she is valuable enough for the company.

After finishing the first four Workforce Merchants missions, Dolland will reveal that, according to his sources, the bunker and the warheads were bought by Qubba, but since Qubba Government will never admit that any of this has ever happened, Dolland will arrange a meeting at Ausz with the president of the FederationFiston Diputtan, to possibly collaborate on rescuing the bunker people. It's unknown if Dolland know that the Federation is who truly kidnapped the bunker people and stole the warheads.

Dolland Truffle is a parody of Donald Trump.