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Drekar Camp is a town in the Tribal region. It is the only town in its region to sell slaves. It can be destroyed by certain events in the main storyline.



  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods, including slaves
  • Produces forage, wool, tallow, and water
  • Edible produces include goat meat and goat milk

Fafnir's Tent[]

  • Appears after the Drekar are defeated
  • 270kg storage capacity
  • Contains several loot including
    • Toecutter (damaged, no fuel)
    • Spiked Mace (x1)
    • Hand Crossbow (x2)
    • Crossbow Bolt Standard (x23)
    • Calvin's Letter


Town's Industries[]

  • Robbery
  • Forage
  • Goat Breeding
  • Water Well

New Industries[]

  • None

Special Characters[]


  • Leader of the Drekar people
  • Knows where Olaf went after he left the Tribal region


Caravaneer Rarities B

The Selling Price of Goat Meat, Around Eight Years After the Start of the Game.

*It appears that later in the game, Drekar Camp (undestroyed) will buy Goat Meat and Goat Milk at extremely high prices due to a lack of sufficient Forage to supply their Goat Breeding Industry. Other foods are also purchased at extremely high prices.