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Leader of the Drekar Tribe.

"Oh, you better stay away from them. They ain't good chunks at all. Slavery and robbery is what they do for life. If you meet them in the desert, you better hide or run away or they'll rob you and sell you on a slave market after doing some bad stuff to you. And if you resist, they just kill you. Most of them are in the east, but you can meet their raiders everywhere, so watch out, you hear me?"

Cricket about Drekar

"No. Don't go to Drekar. They're slavers and raiders. If they don't know you, they won't even talk to you. They'll attack you right away. If you resist, they'll kill you. If you don't they'll sell you as a slave."

Kukul about Drekar

The Drekar tribe is one of the four tribes you meet in the beginning of the game. They are a bunch of slavers and raiders. They can cause some trouble for early game players.

Basic Info[]

The Drekar tribe is the "evil" group among the four beginning tribes.

Their totem is probably Dragon (according to Orion of the Kivi Tribe). orginally they were founded by Hreidmarr, who is the father of Fafnir and Regin, after founding Hreidmarr became founder and first leader of Drekar. later Hreidmarr killed by one of his man on the orders of Regin and Fafnir. after their new leader became Fanfir, a brutish man weilding a bone club with red long hair.

They can move away or be exterminated depending on the main character's choices. Fanfir has a Toe Cutter motorcycle if the tribe is exterminated (however, it will have to wait because the main character does not have access to fuel at the time).

Gameplay Info[]

They are dangerous in early game because the Drekar raiders are hostile and usually appear in groups of 6-7 instead of the 2-3 for the normal Rovers. However, when defeated, they are a good source of money as they drop Leather Jackets and Vests, which is the only available armor in early game and can easily sell up to 8k per piece in any tribes. They also drop small jerrycans along with some meat and milk (good to improve morale and much better alternative to jerboa meat and insects), these can also fetch good prices. Crossbows and hand crossbows along with bolts are also great loot (the bolts can be a good source if you want to help the Pullid Tribe). Drekar raider groups tend to carry slaves(1-4), after finishing a battle with the drekar you can choose to enslave them which will harm your slavery reputation, escort them which will help getting lower slaver reputation or leave them there. 


In Drekar Camp you can buy slaves in a cheap price (6000-8000) also you can sell slaves here (1000-3000).

If the protagonist helps Drekar during the Tribal Region storyline, Fafnir will suggest a traderoute buying slaves in Drekar Camp and selling them in New Serino.