Caravaneer 2 Wiki

Vital statistics
Occupation Cannabis Cultivator
Gender Male
Faction Janubi Government
Religion Spencerism
Status Alive
Location Murray Hill

"Tifk is greed. Tifk is evil. Tifk says get money, get things, be rich, not care about people, not care about God. Not care about spirit. Tifk ia opposite to Spencer Rice."

"Spencer Rice sent to us by God. He teach us how to love people and no money. He show us to respect the nature. He see spirit in people, spirit in animals, spirit in plants. He teach us to connect to plants spirit and to find God through it."

— Eliah

"He is in charge of the Murray Hill cannabis plantation, and there's nobody who knows more about the plant than him. Now, his world view is a little unusual and convincing him can be challenging."

— Nikuban about Eliah

An important figure in the cannabis settlement of Murray Hill. Gives the player the task of eliminating the Winchester Clan in the Liberation Army's storyline.

He is a believer of Spencerism, but has never met Spencer Rice personally, so Eliah can't identify him if Spencer is in the player's caravan. Also, Eliah's religious beliefs mix Spencerism with his view about Janubi society, in special his dislikes about Tifk's lifestyle.