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First Aid items are kits that negate bleeding damage suffered during battle. Every use of a First Aid item requires Five AP, and its effectiveness depends on the user's First Aid skill (and not Doctor Skill, as that relates for healing in Travel Mode). First Aid items must be manually equipped in order to be used in battles, can be used on anyone in the player's Caravan, including Slaves, Prisoners, and even the user. These items can be purchased in General Stores (the First Aid Bag can be crafted in the Workshop Screen).

First Aid items cannot heal people during battle; they can only negate bleeding.


Item Weight Healing Potential
First Aid Bag 1.8 5
Basic First Aid Kit 0.75 5
Advanced First Aid Kit 2.0 15
Superior First Aid Kit 5.0 50

Item Details[]

First Aid Bag[]

First Aid Bag

Can be crafted.

Basic First Aid Kit[]

Basic First Aid Kit

Available in every General Store (excluding "Merchant" in Lintu Camp).

Advanced First Aid Kit[]

Advanced First Aid Kit

Superior First Aid Kit[]

Superior First Aid Kit