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Fiston Diputtan
Fiston Diputtan
Vital statistics
Occupation President
Gender Male
Faction The Federation
Religion None
Status Alive
Location Ausz

"It's understandable... well... you can consider yourself lucky because you and us, we have a common enemy, and I'm sure that our collaboration will help each one of us to achieve their goals."

- Fiston Diputtan

The President of the Federation, residing in Ausz. Gives the player the grim task of annihilating Qubba through the means of a bomb for the Federation's expansion goals. He can be met by the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist after Dolland Truffle arranged the meeting in the Workforce Merchants storyline.

Like Oswald Raff, Fiston gives a simple mission to the protagonist, consisting in basically just visiting a town, that gives the "evil ending" of the game. However, while Oswald asks the Caravaneer 1 protagonist to bring a sniper to Verdammtier Platz to kill one single person, Fiston asks the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist to bring a nuclear bomb to Qubba to blow up the entire city. Also, while Oswald tell to the Caravaneer 1 protagonist to ask no questions, Fiston prefers to lie to the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist telling them the bomb was only supposed to blow up the Qubba parliament building and was suppose to be an ordinary bomb, even denying to know what the word "nuclear" means.

Fiston Diputtan is a parody of Vladimir Putin.