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Story Mode End

Story Mode End

In Caravaneer 2 Story Mode, there are several paths you can take and hundreds of different dialogues you can choose and the walkthroughs may not cover all of them. In most of the missions, there will be two factions who oppose each other and you will have to side with one or the other.

Tribal Walkthrough[]

Main article: Tribal Walkthrough

At the start of the game, you will be heading in the direction of Your Bunker. After entering, you will be told by the Chairman Brass that you will need to search for Olaf , the scout, since he has left the bunker without permission. In your search, you will be dragged into the conflict between the tribes in the region.

Alkubra Walkthrough[]

Main article: Alkubra Walkthrough

After getting a clue to Olaf's whereabouts, you'll then be heading for New Serino. Here you will have to decide to help the Workforce Merchants, the slavers, or the Liberation Army, the anti-slavers in order to find your next clue to Olaf.

Janubi Walkthrough[]

Main article: Janubi Walkthrough

Next, you'll be heading to the region south of Alkubra, the Janubi region. You will find and rescue Olaf near the start of the main missions in this region and will then assist the Workforce Merchants or the Liberation Army in their goals.

Qubba/Federation Walkthrough[]

Main article: Qubba/Federation Walkthrough

Having finished your business in the Janubi region, you will head to the Qubba region in order to search for your people.

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