Caravaneer 2 Wiki

This is a list of grenades and their various attributes.


Weapon Weapon Type Explosive Power Anti Personnel Effectiveness Delay Weight Price
Molotov Cocktail Grenade 25 0 5 (on Hit) 0.8 600-700


500 (Bought)

M67 Grenade 35 15 3 0.4 14000

Weapon Details[]

Grenades use the Throwing skill. When grenades are a character's active weapon, the Shift key must be held down to walk.

Grenades can be thrown at any space within range for 5 AP. The projectiles ignore any obstacles separating the thrower and the intended target.

Molotov Cocktail[]

Molotov Cocktail

A weapon also known as the petrol bomb. Sets targets on fire. Fire damage is dependent on the proximity of the Molotov Cocktail's explosion.

Able to be crafted in the Caravan Workshop using 0.1 Lubricant, 0.8 Fuel, 1 Glass Bottle, and 0.1 textiles in a pinch. You need at least 30 mechanic skill to do so. Cost is around 600 to 700 doing this.



Fragmentation grenade. Has longer throwing range than the Molotov Cocktail.


arguments : X, Y, explosiveness, antipersonnel, is flame

distance is precise and is 32 per square

distanceFactor = 1 - distance/(explosiveness*5)
  • For M67
explosionFactor = (explosiveness*distanceFactor/2)-(explosionResistance / 10)
penetrationFactor = antipersonnel - explosionResistance/10    (only positive or else 0)
Damage = explosionFactor + penetrationFactor
Bleeding += Damage/5 (double in hard) 
if(enemyremainingHp>Damage) injuryFactor = 8  (6 in hard)
if(Math.pow(Math.random(), injuryFactor) > (1 / Math.pow(Damage, 0.1)))   Injury Arm
if(Math.pow(Math.random(), injuryFactor) > (1 / Math.pow(Damage, 0.1)))   Injury Leg    

(two independent random checks from 0.00 to 1)

  • For Molotov
burnArg = exolosiveness*distanceFactor*(1 - fireResistance/100) *20
Damage = burnArg/400
burning += burnArg/500
battleMorale -= burnArg/100

WIP: grenades have a loop of 65 iterations trying to detect targets in a circle advancing by PI/32 maybe targets get detected many times in that loop

theoretically if grenade on top of target he gets 65* damage as he's around the grenade in every angle