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Huli Kitsune giving the Guide to Slaving pamphlet

Guide to Slaving is a pamphlet given to the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist the first time is "Transport Slaves" End-Game mission is started.


Regarding the ethical treatment of slaves:

Remember, above all else, our goal is the ethical treatment, and, thanks to that, ensured longevity of our workers. When dealing with slaves, one must keep in mind that they are humans like ourselves and should be treated accordingly, unless an infringement of the accepted conventions occurs, slaves shall not be beaten without due cause. Examples of punishable offenses are: escape attempts, dereliction of duty, and insubordination, these offenses may be punished accordingly, as decided by the senior Slave Driver.

Slaves shall be fed a minimum of twice a day, with ample water, to keep them in proper working order, under normal circumstances most slaves will be able to function under these criteria, anyone caught stealing food or trading extra labor for food is considered a health risk to other slaves, and shall be corrected.

Sexual advances on a slave by a slaver is not permitted by company guidelines, however we do not prohibit consensual fraternization within the company, so long as it does not interfere with the duties of either party.

Slaves shall work a minimum of 12 logged hours per day, unlogged hours are only permitted at the discretion of the senior Slave Driver, and only on an as-needed basis. Slaves who show extraordinary dedication working unlogged hours, or talent in their respective positions may be eligible for paid labor duties.