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Tribal Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

"Hell Game"Edit

Hell Game
Murder everyone.

First, talk to Cricket, learn about Politics and the tribe locations. Head to Drekar and take out a raider group, we need money. Back to Silos, get insects as food for the rest of the area. Next up, go to Lintu. Sell any unneeded weapons. Buy cleavers and bolts, then talk to Kukul about getting rid of Drekar. We need that flag later. Go to Pullid, and proclaim you want to help Apis. Bring him the weaponry, then wait for Lois's meeting. Get Lois's quest to get into Kivi camp.

So far, we're doing pretty normal stuff...

Back to Lintu to stock up on stuff. Ask Kukul about books, go to Sigurds Hut, murder the crap out of them, go back to Lintu to resupply. Talk to Kukul about asking Drekar about Olaf; he'll tell you he wants insects. We're not gonna bring those. Next, read the book and get into Kivi camp. Go past Silos and Bunker to resupply. In the bunker, pick up a gold ring from Brass to pay for the insects. Woop, free money. Head to Kivi camp. Get into Kivi Camp by correctly answering the questions, then talk with Orion and Sigurd. Get Spencer Rice's location from Sigurd. Head to Araten and pick up Spencer. Also pick up some better weapons; we're gonna need them. Get a headwrap if you can; every armor bonus helps. Head back to Kivi Camp. We're ready to start to the slaughter.

Normally, at this point in the game, you're pretty much set for a total victory against Drekar. I mean, Lintu is ready, Lois is ready, Kivi is ready. Drekar is gonna lose hard.

But that's boring. Instead, let's go satisfy our urges to murder everyone.

Head to Drekar. Tell Fafnir about Kukul's plans. He'll go charging after Lintu; Let him. We want everyone dead after all. Drekar will murder Lintu. That's 1 group down. Next, head back to Drekar, this time telling them about Kivi. Have Fafnir tell you of Olaf's whereabouts. If you do not do this, you will NOT be able to proceed with the main questline. Rush back to Kivi to tell Spencer the bad news. Kivi will attack Drekar. Naturally, we can't have them beat Drekar, so we might have to get our hands dirty. Murder some Kivi Warriors if you have to. Kivi loses. That's 2 groups down.

Now normally you'd need +100 Tough reputation to get Lois to start the attack (or bring plenty people, but that's really expensive). However, this can be bypassed with either Lintu or Kivi being killed off.

Go to the Saxual Tree. Talk to Lois about Kivi or Lintu being killed off and tell her that now is the best time to attack. Lois will come out to fight the Drekar Warriors. She can't die yet, we need her to take out Drekar, otherwise no Drekar Warriors will spawn to be killed off, so protect Lois from them at all costs. Beat all the Drekar Warriors that attempt to get at Lois. Lois will charge straight at Drekar Camp; beat all the enemies yourself. You can try letting her beat up some small groups, but this is extremely risky as Lois's group is small. Flip a coin if you want to chance it. After killing the last group of Drekar Warriors (or Lois reaching Drekar), Drekar will be destroyed. Take Calvin's Letter from Drekar just to be on the safe side. 3 groups. Only 1 group left. Lois. Turn around, and instead of giving her a high-five congratulating their victory, attack her instead. Two options depending on whether you wanna be rich or whether you want everyone dead. We're gonna kill everyone though. Murder Lois's group. And that's 4.

The only people to survive are Cricket and Apis, and the bunker people. The rest is dead. But hey, at least we got a lead to Olaf.

It may be possible to kill off Pullid, further testing is required. Make use of Regin's Gang to kill off Pullid.


  1. Jeanioz: You will basically own Kivi, Drekar, and Lintu Camps. With the capture of Lois possible, you can even negotiate with Apis and get 50,000 money along with a possible Donkey.


By Jeanioz
Pass tribal region without talk to Kukul.

First, go to Silos and talk to Cricket, learn about Politics and the tribe locations. Go to Pullid, and proclaim you want to help Apis. Buy or loot cleavers and bolts. Before bring Apis the weaponry, go to Your Bunker and ask help from Chairman Brass with this quest to get a free Golden Ring. Bring Apis the weaponry, then wait for Lois's meeting. When asked by Lois if and why you want to help, say yes and because you really hate Drekar to gain reputation. Lois will give you the quest to get the Spencerism book to get into Kivi camp.

There is no real need to ask Kukul about books, like Lois suggests, to go to Sigurd's Hut to get the book. The hut can be discovered manually (click here to see the location). In fact, you can go to Sigurd's Hut even before go to Silos. So, go to Sigurd's Hut, kill or imprison the Rovers there (I prefer to imprison. These 2 Rovers - 3 in Hard Mode - are unique, permanent NPCs) and get the book.

Then you can proceed as usual: Get into Kivi Camp by correctly answering the questions, then talk with Orion and Sigurd, get Spencer Rice's location from Sigurd, head to Araten and pick up Spencer, head back to Kivi Camp, introduce Orion to his prophet, go to Drekar Camp do the ambassador duty, return to Kivi Camp and then attack Drekar or let them flee.

Alkubra Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

To do list: Workforce Merchant Branch

Liberation Army Branch
Created by Francis Valeria
Alright, now that you've seen a bit of the world and how it works, you must be itching to see the rest of the world. Don't worry, the entire world isn't like the tribal region, as soon as you have come out of the tribal region, you should be in New Serino. Be sure to stock up on weapons and supplies before you go, the journey isn't that forgiving, and neither are the Marauders. Yes, Marauders roam this land. The police are trying to contain them but they breed like worms, try not to wonder too much lest a swarm of them chop up your head. Save before every trip, and save after every trip.

If you managed to survive, you should be at New Serino and is, I presume, fabulously wealthy.(As wealthy as a department store salesman is, of course), from there, first thing first replenish all your supplies and spend your money on arming your caravan, or else you will perish here. Second order of business is to talk to Calvin. If you don't see Calvin, you'll have to go back to the Drekar camp and either take and read a letter(If they are dead), or talk to Fafnir about Olaf. If you finished that, buy as much lubricant as you can afford, as this is one of the most profitable goods available.(50% return rate)

If you see Calvin, you'll ask him about Olaf, and he'll say that he'll help you if you help him, Since we're the Liberation Army here, you should let him persuade you before declining the notion, or else you'll be stuck with a mission you don't want to do and cannot complete, lowering your trustworthy. From there on, you should see Kevin's house just outside of New Serino (it's on the map, if you can't see it, turn South East, you should see his house in a few secs), knock on his door and tell him that Calvin told you to buy his house. From there on he'll ask you to deliver a letter to Captain Mustaparta in Fort Mitchell, he'll ask who sent it, tell him you can't tell for a trustworthy boost. The screen will fade and he will say to tell them yes. From here, ask him the locations of the towns, first ask "What is this place", then ask the coordinates of the towns. And now you know the coordinates of the towns. After that, sell the lubricants here and buy textiles(shoes aren't very lucrative here), and go back to Kevin's house. Resupply and trade in New serino along the way.

After that, Kevin should ask you to convince the High Priest in the Church of the Man of Zinc to ban slavery. Optional: ask him about the records, we'll need that later for a side mission. And now, journey to Orth . Be sure to be armed to the teeth or be as fast as a gazelle because the way is littered with more banditos than a pirate ship, save and resave every trip. From now you should be familiar with the process, refuel and talk to the high priest. The high priest will ask you to help with the Narizians. You could either build a settlement, kill them, convert them, or take them to the tribal region. If you choose the build a settlement option you'll need one million dollars!, you could get a loan from Sapoboi and then get the rest of the money from lubricant trading. Or you could just get a million dolllars somehow. The Kivi->New Serino Trade is very lucrative in lubricants to leather. After you deal with the Narizians,, go to Orth, talk with the Priest, and go to Kevin's house, and then pour yourself a glass of wine, because you have just finished the Alkubra region! Slavery is now illegal here, and you now you should be refered to Ozbet. What you do from here, who cares, sit back, take a break, and be marveled in your accomplishments!

Janubi Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

Liberation Path and Mikaze Aftermath WalkthroughEdit

Liberation Path and Mikaze Aftermath Walkthrough

For those following the Liberation path, you know what happens when you do the Mikaze mission: your relationship with the Janubi Government becomes negative. When you talk to Nikuban to complete the mission, your relationship becomes more negative. This walkthough gives you a strategy that will get your relationship with the Janubi Government positive as quickly as possible, and keep it positive. This allows you to avoid the "nuisance" battles with the Janubi Police in the future. (This walkthrough does not tell you how to defeat the police squads attacking the Rebels. It is assumed that you know how to do that.)

The keys to the strategy are:

  • Defer talking to Nikuban to complete the mission until your Janubi Government relationship is sufficiently positive.
  • Attack bandits and turn in prisoners at Botxo to improve your Janubi Government relationship.
  • Avoid negatives to your Janubi Government relationship:
1. Have a crew large enough to keep the Janubi Police from attacking you.
2. Don't turn in any prisoners in Ozbet until after you complete the mission.

How many people are enough to keep the Janubi Police away?

  • On "normal" difficulty, a total crew of 13 with rifles and a couple of machine guns was enough.
  • On "hard" difficulty, a total crew of 19 with rifles and a couple of machine guns and bazookas was enough.

You may be able to do it with fewer people or less equipment. Don't be cheap. Each extra mercenary will cost you only a few thousand a week.

Some preparation is needed before accepting the Mikaze mission from Nikuban. Most of these items will happen without any special effort on your part. They are listed here for completeness.

  • Have a positive relationship with the Janubi Government to be able to hire temporary mercenaries.
  • Stockpile sets of rifles, leather jackets, and helmets to equip your temporary mercenaries. The armor will help keep these mercenaries alive if someone shoots at them. (If you need a place to store these items, your storage in Hempton can hold 10 sets of equipment.)
  • Have a caravan speed of 6 or greater so you can chase and catch bandits.
  • Have advanced binoculars and someone with good sight (like Olaf or Spencer Rice) so you can see the bandits.
  • Have a million in cash so you don't have to worry about trading while you are chasing bandits.
  • Turn on "Interact with friendly caravans" on the settings. (Necessary in order to get the option to attack the bandits you chase down.)

When you are ready to do the Mikaze mission, go to Ozbet and talk to Nikuban.

On your way to Mikaze, stop in every major town (including Ozbet and Mikaze) and hire every mercenary with an Agility of 6 or more. (None of their other attributes matter.) You need to hire these mercenaries before you talk to Samantha Stone. There are some predefined mercenaries along the way that meet this criteria, including one in Mikaze. Don't worry about the salaries as you will be keeping these mecenaries for only a few weeks, at most. One possible path to Mikaze is: Ozbet, Botxo, Scrapyard, Tobar, Tifk, Mimb (stock up on forage, food, water), Twin Rivers, Jack's Gambit, Mikaze. If you didn't pick up your cache of rifles and armor before starting the mission, be sure to pick it up on your way to Mikaze and equip your temporary mercenaries. Five bullets for each temporary mercenary is more than enough. (These mercenaries are for show and not for serious combat, although you may get lucky and find some that are useful.)

Because you outnumber the attacking police squads, expect the Mikaze battles to be easier for you as the police will panic sooner. This will give you more prisoners, too, if you want them. You can do whatever you want with the prisoners except turn them in to the police in Ozbet. Botxo won't take them as prisoners. After you recruit Samantha Stone, you can start working on your reputation.

Attack and capture bandits. Priorities are Janubi Bandits, Shinobi Pillagers (if you are fast enough), and Scavengers, in that order. You will get some positive relationship just by attacking these groups. Try to capture prisoners and turn them in at Botxo. Depending on how many prisoners you capture, you should be able to get your Janubi Government relationship above zero in about 6 battles. At this point, you can dismiss your temporary mercenaries as the Janubi Police will no longer attack you.

But, you are not yet ready to talk to Nikuban to complete the mission. You need to get your Janubi Government relationship "sufficiently positive." Note: The game's displayed relationship is a rounded number. The actual value could vary by plus or minus 0.5.

How much relationship is "sufficiently positive"?

On "normal" difficulty,

+6 was high enough for an increase in Janubi Government relationship when completing the Mikaze mission.
+5 was high enough for a decrease to +1 relationship when completing the mission.

On "hard" difficulty,

+11 was not high enough. I got a -147 relationship effect to -136. (One reason it is called "hard.")
+165 was high enough a couple of months later for an increase in Janubi Government relationship when completing the mission. (I left Janubi with a positive relationship to work on side missions and other tasks during that time.)

Calendar time may be a factor. Save your game before talking to Nikuban to complete the mission, and load your save file if you weren't "sufficiently positive."

Once you complete the mission and have a positive Janubi Government relationship, you can continue with the story. Your Janubi Government relationship will continue to rise without any special effort on your part. (This also happened when I went off to work on side missions.)

Qubba/The Federation Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

Entire Game Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

Alpha Dairy MobileEdit

Alpha Dairy Mobile
By: VASH581

Congratulation my comrade! You have crushed those malicious Federation Armies and foil their plan to add the last straw to near-extinct humanity! Your 5 Umi Alphas will be the trophies that remind the world for every heroic deeds you’ve done for them. What’s more, you can now roam the desert with a fleet of 5 badass monster trucks...

Umi Alpha is the best transportation in the game… wait WHAT? You disagree because it’s a fuel vacuum and 5 of them will literally use up all the fuel available in a few years? Don’t worry, now I’m going to show you how to solve this problem by starting 2 industries and turning your Umi Alphas into dairy mobiles! It’s going to cost you about 42 million but after that you no longer need to buy any food, fuel, lubricant and still earn money.


The scenario setting I'm using now is that you have complete Qubba storyline and have 5 Umi Alphas, 8 volunteers and 10 mercenaries (18 people is more than enough to deal with any Qubba bandit, you can have less mercenaries if your skilled) and the total salary is less than 40k.


Here’s how you do it: (The first two can be done before you get Umi Alpha)

  1. Start oil refinery in Qubba, expand it to 20 workers and expand the warehouse to 4000+
  2. Start cow cheese production in Patrolton, expand it to 5 workers and expand the warehouse to 275+
  3. Rob some Bydlo hords and fill your trucks with 20 female cows.(Each cow occupies 5~7 seats so they will fill up 4 trucks. You’ll still have 48k+ cargo space) From now your people will be fed with nothing but cow milk.
  4. Go to Qubba, grab all fuel and lubricant from your warehouse and fill it with petroleum, buy 20+ day worth forage from market.
  5. Go to Patrolton and stay there for 15 days. During the stay just keep making your spare milk into cheese and selling them along with remaining milk and lubricant. Also buy 4k+ petroleum.(Don’t buy forage here!)
  6. Fill your warehouse with milk. Go to Qubba and wait for 3 days. Your warehouse should has 2k fuel and 80 lubricant now. Grab all of them and buy 20+ days forage again.
  7. Repeat 5 and 6.


See the calculation here: Calculation page(Alpha Dairy Mobile)


After doing some calculation, the result shows that you'll earn 39199.37/week in the first few days but will rise to 58391.27/week after a few days. It’s more than enough to pay your salary and replenish ammo. Don’t forget that you can still trade other market goods(cement, medicine) to earn even more money. If you’re concerned that your cows are getting old, you can always rob another nearby Bydlo horde and replace the old one with young one.

The key of this strategy is to wait. I know it’s very boring to stuck in these two cities but be patient. You will save up 30 fuel every 20 days and if you earn enough money, you can expand Oil refinery to queue up fuel even faster. The other caravans will also slowly replenish fuel back to Qubba for you to buy. Either way once you have fuel stockpiled, you can roam with your awesome trucks wherever you want with style, once again. (Just be sure you have enough fuel back to Qubba!)

A Beginner's Guide to IndustryEdit

A Beginner's Guide to Industry
By: Tullius83

This is a large, general purpose, guide that explains how to find, evaluate, and manage profitable industries. It is targeted at a beginner to intermediate level of experience with industry. Starting from basic concepts, the guide progresses through increasingly more complex situations while explaining how player-owned industries behave in these situations. This allows the player to decide how deeply they wish to delve into industries. It includes 13 in-game examples, drawn from every region, to illustrate the concepts.

The guide is too large to be included on this page. It can be found here: A Beginner's Guide to Industry

A Guide to Animal HerdingEdit

A Guide to Animal Herding
By: Tullius83

This guide provides information and tips for those who want to try large scale breeding and herding of animals. The advantages and disadvantages of running an animal herding "business" are outlined. Several possible herd configurations are examined. Detailed information on animals is included in appendices.

The guide is too large to be included on this page. It can be found here: A Guide to Animal Herding

Sandbox Guides and WalkthroughsEdit

Icilan's Sandbox GuideEdit

The Steps
By: Icilan

So you wanna play through the game without no clear objectives to limit what you can and cannot do, eh? Fine. The easiest thing to do is to already know the coordinates for any Camp in the Tribal Region, as spawning in Alkubra already grants you access to Swords and Firearms. Be warned that without Kukul, Orion, or Your Bunker, medical help is only available in New Serino and Araten. You can also commit to the trade route of Kivi Camp and New Serino with Lubricant and Leather.

Alternatively, you can only try and do trade routes between New Serino and the Four Rural Towns of Northern Alkubra. Not only is this route dependent on Food-Selling and Lubricant, but it should be much easier than down South, where Tier Three Alkubra Marauders and Scavengers reside.


Strong enough to move to Janubi? Then the rest is self-explanatory, as those familiar with Mission Walkthroughs should find the move to Janubi as the exact same process.


Note in Sandbox Mode:

  • No Medical Service in the Tribal Region
  • No Cannabis in Toowoomba
  • No Special Locations (i.e: Silos, The Narizian Colony, etc.)
  • Drekar and The Winchester Clan Cannot be Exterminated
  • No Special Items (i.e: S&W Model 500, The Ultra Weapon, Umi Alpha, etc.)
  • Faction Relationships May be Harder to Attain
  • No Navigation Device of Any Sort (i.e: Sextant, Pim's Navigation Device)
  • Northway Has to be Manually Discovered
  • Maps of Other Regions are Available in General Stores

However, every other aspect of Sandbox Mode is the exact same thing as Story Mode, except for the aforementioned listed items.

Sandbox Mode may be arguably harder than Story Mode, due to Starting Region. Remember though, if you prefer an easier game, go North to either North Alkubra or the Tribal Region.


Surviving/Making Money in the Alkubra Region

Sandbox Mode creates a different challenge for players entering the Alkubra Region as the player starts immediately in the center of the region where Marauders and Scavengers roam about. If you are still not fully experienced in the game or are uncertain you can outwit bandits armed with Rifles, then the Orth/Fort Mitchell/Huira region is barred from you.

However, there is an alternate in the Alkubra Region where you can still make money whilst encountering minimum hostility: Northern Alkubra.

The only large Town is New Serino, so that is where you will acquire more advanced weaponry as you begin making money. You can also acquire a Map of the Tribal Region from New Serino through the General Store.

How to make money exclusively up here? Either consult the Trade Routes page or consult to the following information:

  • Sell Lubricant from New Serino to the Northwestern Towns
  • Sell Alcohol from Araten to the Northwestern Towns or New Serino
  • Sell Insects from Araten to New Serino

As for hiring mercenaries, a word of notice is to increase the surrounding Town's unemployed population to increase the cap for the Hire People tab in The Town Screen. To do so, defeat a hostile Unit and "Let Go" of the survivors. The weakened enemies should travel to the closest Town in range and merge with the Town's population as unemployed. It is recommended to do so close to the Town of New Serino, as mercenaries there should be generated with higher base stats than those to the Northwest.

Taking Over Towns' Industries without the DLCEdit

Crashing a Rural Town
By: Icilan

Don't you wish a Rural Town like Mundschau or other similarly small farming communities made more goods or a different good at incredible speeds? You can, and can even buy their Industries without having to buy directly from the Town or even using the DLC for buying Towns!

The steps to do so? Overpopulation. This Walkthrough is cruel, and Icilan is ashamed to even mention this method. However, in the end, with enough people and money, you can force Towns to lose their "Unsellable" Industries for you to command with a lot of workpower to drastically change a region's economy.

  1. Become an Eccentric Millionare (with at least 100 million to spend) (Ensure you're in Sandbox Mode to not jeopardize Story Mode)
  2. Buy Slaves/Capture Prisoners and Release Them into a Rural Farming Community
  3. Get a Useless Industry and Employ Every Unemployed Person in That Industry (Something Suggested is Cotton in Mundschau or Peas in Araten; Other Industries Will Work, but Will Require Much More Money to Maintain)
  4. Increase Population Drastically to Surpass Carrying Capacity of the Town
  5. Watch as the Town's Industries Begin Losing Employees Until Hitting Zero
  6. Save and Quit.
  7. The Industry with Zero Employees Should Become a "New Industry" in the Industries Tab. Recommended to Wait Until "Forage" is Startable.
  8. Begin to "Restructure" the Town's Economy with Your Own Ideas

The Goal of this Walkthrough is to either increase efficiency of a Town's Industry Quickly (Under Your Watch and Expenses) or to shift a Town's exports (for example, turning Mundschau into a Sheep Breeding Town instead of Goat).

Great Towns to do this in:

  • Drushlak (Cotton, Yarn) (400 Population Needed)
  • Nirgendwo (Yarn, and Jackets)
  • New Serino (Yarn, Jackets, Medicine, Alcohol, and Tallow Lubricant) (Very High Population Needed)
  • Araten (Alcohol, Peas, Leather, Leather Vests and Cotton) (1000 - 1100 Population Needed)
  • Mundschau (Cotton, Yarn) (400 Population Needed)
  • Lost (Alcohol, Cotton)
  • La Croixille (Food for Mikaze) (800 Population Needed - Can Impair Oil Production)
  • Arton (Food for Eastern Federation Region)
  • Kulin (Yarn)

Additionally, Towns with sufficient Population and Wealthiness can begin buying Gold. Population must be around 500 and Wealthiness needs to be around 400 per citizen. Wealthiness can be increased with the number of Industries a Town owns.

This is a long-term project. Will be updated with Images soon.



  1. Grumell: I own Murray Hill's cannabis production now and can afford anything :) never even bother to trade anymore... Thanks in advance.
  2. I concur, i got 1.9 Billion in Murray Hill account, took me days to raise the population to 800+ to crash the town, cannabis price per unit is now 20k at the cheapest (used to be <50 at the cheapest) and 800k in ozbet, there is never a need to smuggle more than 1 unit as the town wont be able to pay, you need 250k to hire an individual, probably need more than 100 M deposit up-front to crash the


  1. Is it possible to go even further and take over wells and increase their output some


Becoming an Eccentric Billionaire through indu


Industrial Billionaire
Created by the Mogul Francis Valeria

This is meant to be a complement to Icilan's Crashing Rural Town Guide.

Alright, there's many ways to earn a buck here, one could trade, one could loot, one could do many things, but one of the most profitable but capital expensive, barrier of entry high ways is industry, but the risk is always huge and it takes a long time to do it, after all, one could never count on which industries will bust and which will boom (believe me, insects in Lost, worst idea ever). Well, there is one very profitable industry in the Alkubra, and it's the leather vest industry in Fort Mitchell, and I'll show you why.

In Fort Mitchell, you can establish a leather vest industry for half a million currency. If you get a loan from sapoboi, you could do it right away. You could also do it after making lots of money in the cotton trade. Now, this requires a bit of an active component from you, but the result is that you're swimming in cash, because it doubles you're money. The highest price for leather is 1200, the lowest price for vests(and this is after you sold tens of thousands of them) is 3500, it takes 2 leather to make a vest + 90. Result is 1010 profit even at the worst circumstances! If you have even cheaper leather and hungry markets this will net on a scale unimaginably large.

  1. Establish the industry, this will take a lot of money.
  2. Put in a few thousand dollars(make sure tehre is leather)
  3. Wait
  4. Let the vests sell themselves
  5. Profit!
  6. Upgrade(if you can, may have to "recruit" people)
  7. Repeat 3,4,5,6 until you're a vest mogul

This will net you approximately 2000 dollars per day per worker as long as the leather doesn't run out, it's going to be much more profitable if you take out the other leather hogging industries later. In reality leather often runs out, and fort Mitchell doesn't have that much money, so what do you do now?

  1.  Take a good amount of vests(maybe a hundred or so) and go to New Serino.
  2. Sell as many as you can, get lubricant and medicine, and skins.
  3. Go to the Kivi camp, sell medicine and lubricant and if you have any, leathers vests.(Optional, buy jackets to sell)
  4. Buy all the leather, take some tallow as well.
  5. Go to the Linto, Pullid, camps and buy leather and tallow,(Optional, sell jackets).
  6. Go to the Kivi, sell skins, buy the remaining leather and sell the leather vests.
  7. Back to New Serino to buy lubricant, maybe some leather(Don't worry, it's profitable)
  8. Back to the leather vests industry and put all the leather in your storage, add some money, maybe do some expansion, dump prisoners if you got any.
  9. Wait.
  10. Repeat one until one controls a massive workforce and is the vest mogul in all of Alkubra and the Tribal Region.

This will take a lot of effort, but it is very profitable, and always profitable. However, problems to look out for

  • There may be complications, and you might need to establish your own leather industry, and later your own skin industry to supply the vest industry.
  • Watch out for the banditos and marauders trying to ruin your plan of world domination.
  • This is a lot of work. Not as much as town crashing (Believe me I tried), but leather running is a lot of work. You may need to get janubi horses and carts to do so efficiently.
  • "Recruitment" is not that easy, you could try buying slaves , but there's the cost, and the story mode consequences. And getting prisoners is a hassel in it's self.
  • The towns will often go bankrupt, and you might have to expand to the Janubi region to sell your wares and buy raw materials, maybe even the Qubba and Federation Regions.

But once you resolved all of these problems, congradulations, you are the world leader in vest manufacturing, although the distances you need to travel from the Alkubra Region to the other regions is quite annoying. You may have to crash towns with Icilan's guide in order to have the best value for your money industries. Tip: Botxo if you're ready could be the world leather jacket industrial center if you're ready to take on the next big industry, you could use the money from the vest industry to supply the leather and jacket industry.