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Huli Kitsune
Vital statistics
Occupation Secretary
Gender Female
Faction Workforce Merchants
Religion None
Status Alive
Location Tifk

Huli Kitsune at her desk, in Tifk

"Look, I don't know what you want from me. I'm just a simple girl. I can't change any of this."

"[thinks for a while] I understand... I don't think I'm the right person for this job. Just imagining it takes me terribly nervous... But I don't know... Maybe."

— Huli Kitsune

"Dolland Truffle has a secretary, Huli Kitsune. She's not just a secretary, but also some sort of a public relations person and also his lover... well... I don't know how to call their relationship. He pretty much uses her the way he likes, and she accepts it... well... the case is that they trust her and I don't know her personally, but I have a feeling that maybe she is not very happy about her situation."

— Nikuban about Huli Kutsune

Dolland Truffle's secretary in the Workforce Merchants' main office in Tifk, where she lives with her family.

Plays a larger role in the Liberation Army's storyline, spying on Dolland Truffle for the Liberation Army after the protagonist convince her to do so.

Gives storyline missions and end-game missions on the Workforce Merchants' storyline.

Huli Kitsune's first and last name both mean "Fox". "Huli" is "Fox" in Mandarin while "Kitsune" is "Fox" in Japanese.