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'I'm Awake to See It' is a novel created for the sequel "Caravaneer 2", generally made as a 'background story' behind the Caravaneer 2 story mixed with another, or should we say, a part of an Expanded Universe. The story begins in the upper regions in Eurasia, and ends around the regions of Caravaneer 1 and 2.


Sometime around the pre-alpha version, people decided to make novels or short stories about the sequel of Caravaneer 1.

The first approved short story for the website of Caravaneer 2 was jhypsyshah's, of which three of his shorts were immediately sent to the Expanded Universe section of the website.

However, another author (WitheredWriter, his pen name) decided to make one as well.

The novel 'I'm Awake to See It' started off as a satirical joke about the crippled economy around the Caravaneer 2 universe. Seeing that some have took interest, the author decides to push through with another story about the Caravaneer universe.

Content and chapters rolled consistently from 2015-2017, and only saw slow progress in 2018. Come 2019, the author reboots and rewrites the entire fanfic into something enjoyable to read, and has last updated his work in 2021, working on the final chapter to see the end of the series.


It revolves around the tale of colonials, particularly from the standpoint of Paul Ernst Leete, an average commoner in the midst of global turmoil after nations waged wars to reclaim lost lands; it further tells Ernst's recollections of his unfiltered experience of war and was forced into changing his own being to get through the hardships brought by the wars, in a world already plunged into desolation.


  • Completely fanfic with some references taken from other games, films, or TV programs.
  • The author tried separating it from the 'fanfic' genre, but it is indeed a fanfic for Caravaneer
  • It's still in progress for over eight years.
  • It was first mentioned that it will have seven chapters in 2015, but the author recently (2021) declared to shorten it to five.
  • In the directory of 'I'm Awake to See It' three of the chapters are only officially complete, four through seven are either in progress or in need of proofreaders.


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