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John Sheppard
Vital statistics
Occupation Retired

President (formerly)

Militia Leader (formerly)

Gender Male
Faction Qubba Government

Desert Patrol (formerly)

Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Dead (old age)
Location Patrolton

"Politics?!! I used to be in politics long time ago. I was the president of this country, a very important man... but it was long time ago. I'm retired now."

— John Sheppard

"If you've ever been to Patrolton, you have probably noticed a huge statue of two guys standing back-to-back to each other. He's one of them. His name is John Sheppard, a founding father of the modern state of Qubba."

— Nikuban about John Sheppard

John Sheppard is an ancient hero of Qubba that lives in Patrolton and is initially connected to the first Caravaneer game, acting as leader of Desert Patrol militia, responsible for the revolution in Qubba about 80 years ago. He is over 100 years old.

He is introduced to the player by Nikuban and helps the protagonist persuade Richard Weaver to formally declare war on the Federation by writing a letter asking Richard to take action.

Has a craving for fried snake eggs and will accepts snake eggs as gifts if the protagonist have any.

At some point between the events of Caravaneer 1 and Caravaneer 2 John Sheppard converted himself to the Church of Man of Zinc, as he started to use the church mannerisms in his dialogues (use of words "krypt", "Luthor", etc.).

If the protagonist visits his house after delivering the letter to Richard Weaver they will be informed that John Sheppard had died in his sleep after eating his favorite meal.


Young John Sheppard, from Caravaneer 1