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Kevin's House on The Battle Screen. Kevin A is at the door guarding it.

"You see. It's not just a house, and it's not just mine. There are some people who don't like Workforce Merchants, and these people need this house for strategic reasons. Calvin probably knows about it and he wants us out of his way."

- Kevin A about Kevin's House

Kevin's House is a special location and the home of Kevin A. It exists in Story Mode only.


Kevin's House[]

  • 1000kg storage capacity
    • Available only if Kevin is defeated in battle
    • Not available if Kevin is guarding the house or arrested by police
    • Contains loot including:
      • M67 (x2)
      • Molotov Cocktail (x5)
      • Uzi (x1)
      • 9mm Parabellum FMJ (x35)
      • .30-06 Springfield BTSP (x18)

Special Characters[]

Kevin A

Kevin A[]