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Kevin A
Kevin A
Vital statistics
Occupation Militia Commander
Gender Male
Faction Liberation Army
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Determinant
Location Kevin's House

Kevin A guarding his house


Kevin A guarding his house on The Battle Screen

"His name is Kevin. A nice guy... really... but unfortunately him and me, we had a fight over some really silly matter some time ago and now he won't speak with me or any of my people anymore..."

— Calvin about Kevin A

Kevin A is the guard to the Liberation Army's operations in Alkubra. He is a exotic weapons collector and a good friend of Pim, that introduced him to metal music .

Kevin will trust missions to the protagonist if the protagonist have positive trustworthy, positive virtuous and negative slaver reputation the first time them met. Kevin will first ask the protagonist to get Calvin out of New Serino by convincing the Church of Man of Zinc to abolish slavery from Alkubra. After that, the game will be locked in Liberation Army storyline.

It's also possible to side with Calvin and get Kevin out of Kevin's House, what can be done by attacking Kevin or get the Alkubra Police to arrest him using the Letter to Mustaparta. After that, the game will be locked in Workforce Merchants storyline.

Kevin can be killed or imprisoned if the protagonist attack Kevin's House. Kevin can also be killed after joining the protagonist's caravan as a prisoner, just like any other caravan member. Kevin can't join the protagonist's caravan in the Liberation Army storyline.


  • Physical: 4
  • Agility: 9 in normal mode, 10 in hard mode
  • Accuracy: 5 in normal mode, 6 in hard mode
  • Intelligence: 5

When protecting his house, Kevin uses a M16 rifle with 60 bullets of 5.56 NATO FMJBT ammo, a small knife and a leather vest.


  • Real-life Kevin Arden helped the game creation as a crowdfunder.