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Leader of the Kivi.

"Kivi believe that they're better than others, and I must say, they're krypt right about it. They're rich and they have the best warriors. They could rule the whole area if they wanted, but they don't want it, cause they're spiritual, you know. They mind their own business and don't deal with dirt like us here. It's their philosophy or whatever."

- Cricket about Kivi

The Kivi tribe is one of the four tribes you meet in the beginning of the game. They are the most powerful and richest tribe in the starting area. They are religious pacifists and will only use violence to defend themselves. They hold the earth sacred and view violence as upsetting to the earth. The Kivi are isolationist and distrust those who do not share their religious beliefs. One of the challenges for the player is to gain access to their camp by searching for clues in the Tribal region.

Around twenty years ago, they had a long-time visitor who taught them the "secrets of the earth" (agriculture) and pacifism. The Kivi grow peas and value them highly because they come from the earth. The teachings of this visitor became the basis of the Kivi religion, which is now known as Spencerism.

The Kivi are led by Orion, a female Shaman who wears an empty can of peas on a chain around her neck.

Characters belonging to the Faction[]

Gameplay Info[]

The jackets the Kivi produce are one of the player's best early trade goods. The jackets are also the best armor protection that can be bought in the Tribal region.

The Kivi can play a role the Tribal missions, depending on the actions of the player. They have no role in future missions.

The Kivi have no units except as created by storyline events. None of these units are hostile to the player.

Towns owned[]