Kulin is a town in the Qubba Region.

Locations Edit

Market Edit

  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces Water, Forage, Wool, and Tallow
  • Edible Produces include Goat Meat and Goat Milk

General Store Edit

  • Sells weapons, ammo, containers, and first aid

Doctors Edit

  • Heals injured people for 172/HP

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • Water Well
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Goat Breeding

New Industries Edit

  • Cotton Processing
  • Wool Processing
  • Vests Production
  • Hats Production
  • Trousers Production
  • Jackets Production
  • Shirts Production
  • Goat Cheese Production
  • Sheep Cheese Production
  • Cow Cheese Production
  • Jerboa Breeding
  • Lizard Breeding
  • Snake Breeding