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Caravaneer Towns - Laurel

Laurel is a town located in the Federation region.

It is one of two cities in the game which produces limestone. It produces no food or forage of its own, although caravans running between it and Arton/Iobagdad will sometimes supply its market with these things.

Laurel also often has an inexplicably large amount of advanced ammo for sale, and it's ammo prices are among the lowest in all the cities on Qubberation. (As in, over a dozen rounds of advanced M32 ammo, over a hundred rounds of M21 FMJ and/or BTHP ammo)



  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces Water and Limestone
  • The city does not produce its own edible product or forage, although the market may have some food/forage due to caravans trading with it

General Store[]

  • Sells containers, devices, tools, armor, weapons, ammo and first aid


  • Heals injured people for 200/HP
  • Performs Upper Limb Surgery for 30000


Town's Industries[]

  • Water Well
  • Limestone Mining

Purchasable Industries[]

  • None

New Industries[]

  • Hats Production 533,228.53
  • Trousers Production 568,777.10
  • Leather Vests Production 497,679.96
  • Leather Jackets Production 568,777.10


  • One of the two Limestone producers in the game.
  • Remember to bring enough Forage and Food because this town produce none of them.