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Liberation Army




  • To abolish slavery
  • To defend social justice and freedom








"Our final goal is to abolish slavery everywhere, but at the stage we'd be happy if we could make Workforce Merchants abandon Alkubra."

Kevin A about Liberation Army

"Do you know what this organization is? They are terrorists. They attack and kill peaceful merchants and they want to ruin the fragile peace we have in this region."

Calvin about Liberation Army

"In the first place, we are fighting against slavery. Our biggest enemy at the moment is Workforce Merchants that is the largest slaving company we know about. Apart from the slavery problem we also fight for social justice and freedom in general. We believe that there is a lot of injustice in the world today and we are trying to be there for everyone who's repressed or treated unfairly, but of course, our resources are limited."

- Nikuban about Liberation Army

"The terrorists who were supporting the Mikaze rebels call themselves the Liberation Army. I'm not going to enter too much into the politics, but these are really bad people who are using their violent methods to sabotage our intents to bring peace and prosperity into Janubi. We were trying hard to get rid of them peacefully, but it seems to be impossible. They are hiding in Ozbet and Ozbet government protects them."

Huli Kitsune about Liberation Army

The Liberation Army is a militia group headquartered in Ozbet. Their goal is to abolish slavery and promote social justice and freedom.


"We are operating under this name since 73, but groups with similar goals existed for much longer. We fused, split and changed names many times, so it's really to hard when exactly it all started, but our roots go back to an organization called Desert Patrol that was responsible for the revolution in Qubba about 80 years ago."

-Nikuban about Liberation Army

80 years ago (Caravaneer 1) a group called Desert Patrol sparked a rebellion against Oswald Raff, then the president of the Qubba Government. After they won their leader, John Sheppard, became the president and most of the members of Desert Patrol became politicians. Some of them split and formed different groups in other regions of the world. The Liberation Army was one of those groups.