Caravaneer 2 Wiki

The Limestone Corner, also referred to as the Dagmar Loop, is an informal name given to the three cities in the North-East corner of the map. It is so named because this region is the game's only source of limestone and quicklime, which are ingredients necessary for making cement.

This region is also notable for it's lack of forage and food production; none of the three cities have forage production, which makes it impossible for them to have self-sufficient food industries. All food (and presumably forage) must be imported via caravans. The nearest rural towns are more than 400km away, while the nearest major cities are even further away. 

Laurel and Sabataon both have Limestone mining, while Dagmar has a Limestone kiln. Caravans regularly run between the Limestone mining sites and Dagmar, providing the kiln with a steady supply of raw materials. At least one caravan regularly brings quicklime from Dagmar to Crater city, where it is turned into cement. Players running the Dagmar loop (Dagmar-Laurel-Sabaton-Dagmar) are advised to buy up the quicklime in the city during the first visit so that it cannot be purchased by the caravan.

To weaken the competition, players can attack and destroy the caravan which transports the quicklime. Alternatively, selling human meat to the caravan effectively cripples their ability to operate as the caravan cannot offload that product. It is unknown if Gray Vests have a similar effect, though there is reason to believe it might.

Laurel and Sabaton are both modest rural towns, but Dagmar almost always has incredibly vast cash reserves and an incredible appetite for staplegoods like Cement, Fuel and Alcohol. Adding to the fact that quicklime can always be profitably resold to Crater city, good trading can always happen at Dagmar.

Laurel also has an extensive supply of advanced ammunition for some reason, and at a very low price.