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Leader of the Lintu.

"They live north of here and they're kay breed. Some don't like them much, cause they say they're not being sincere, but I say they just do what suits them best. They don't want bloodshed and neither do I. I'm too old for these things."

- Cricket about Lintu

The Lintu tribe is one of the four tribes you meet in the beginning of the game. They are stronger than the Pullid but weaker than the Drekar and Kivi. The Lintu were friendly with the Pullid in the past. According to Cricket, when the Drekar moved into the area, the Pullid and went to war with the Drekar and lost. The Lintu remained neutral during that war. One result was that the previous friendship between Lintu and Pullid has has been replaced by animosity which has continued up to the present. The Lintu are led by Kukul, an educated person originally from Qubba, who took over leadership of the Lintu before the Drekar arrived.

Characters belonging to the Faction[]

Gameplay Info[]

The Lintu can play a role the Tribal missions, depending on the actions of the player. They can play a role in future missions (Alkubra Walkthrough).

The Lintu have units: the Lintu Scouts are always present, if the Lintu are not destroyed. Their other units, the Lintu Warriors, only appear as a result of a storyline event.

Towns owned[]


Cricket states "Lintu, on the other hand, don't grow any insects, cause they're moving from place to place all the time and can't take the hives with them." The Lintu Camp does not move during the game. Perhaps, Cricket is saying that the Lintu are a tribe of dancers or acrobats?