Caravaneer 2 Wiki

Vital statistics
Occupation Unemployed

General Store Owner (formerly)

Gender Male
Faction Travelers
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Alive
Location Scrapyard

"I... I'm sorry... I don't have any money. I swear to Man of Zinc, I did all I could to find some, but it was impossible... absolutely impossible... I lost my business. I don't have any income... I swear... I'm totally broke."

— Lipas

"This man owes our company 20,000 $ and refuses to pay it. You can menace him or even use physical force if necessary. Don't worry, it's not illegal. Use of violence is generally prohibited in Janubi, but not when dealing with criminals. A person who refuses to pay his debts is a criminal and the law doesn't protect him in this case."

— Huli Kitsune about Lipas

A poor man who lives in Scrapyard with his daughter.

Lipas used to own the Scrapyard's general store, but things went bad because he couldn't compete with the prices and variety of Tifk's huge stores, so clients stopped buying there and he got into lots of debts. In the end Workforce Merchants forced him to sell the store, but still it wasn't enough to pay everything he owed.

Sells the player a Sextant in both storylines, although in the Workforce Merchants storyline could eventually withdraw the offer of a Sextant as he pays off his debt by selling his poor daughter into slavery.

After pay his debts with Workforce Merchants, Lipas becomes an insect farmer.

Lipas' name means "Cockroach" in Malay.