Mikaze is an oil mining town and the location of the headquarters of the Mikaze rebels. It is located in the southern area of the Janubi region

Locations Edit

Market Edit

  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces water, petroleum, and forage
  • Edible produces include insects and jerboa meat

General Store Edit

  • Sells weapons, ammo, containers, first aid, tools (pliers, screwdriver, wrench), etc

Doctor Edit

  • Heals injured people for 148/HP
  • Does Lower Limb Surgery for 29600.00

Repair Shop Edit

  • Repairs damaged carts for 87.50 per point
  • Repairs damaged vehicles for 245.00 per point

Mikaze Oil Headquarters Edit

  • Only available on the third mission of the Liberation Army path
  • Has Samantha Stone inside

Install Transmitter Edit

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • Water Well
  • Oil Drilling
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Insect Farming
  • Jerboa Breeding

New Industries Edit

  • Leather Production
  • Wool Processing
  • Jackets Production

Special Characters Edit

Samantha Stone Edit

  • Temporary leader of Mikaze rebels, former pump mechanic.
  • Will join you if you recruit her after helping the rebellion.

Tips Edit

  • One of the two producers of Petroleum in the Janubi region