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Narizian Colony

The Narizian Colony is where John Patson and his fellow Narizians live if the player tells them to build their own settlement. If the player receives funds from Sapoboi Rodrigues  the town will be named Sapoboi in his honor. Otherwise, it will be named after the protagonist .

It is located approximately 513 km and 245.9° from Confusion. It can be built in Story Mode only.


John Patson[]

Interacting with John Patson allows the player to take supplies from the town's warehouses for free.


There is no option to start a new industry at this location, nor is there an option to purchase storage space.

Town's industries[]

  • Water Well
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Insect Farming
  • Jerboa Breeding
  • Sheep Breeding

New Industries[]

  • None