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"Their prophet or whatever he is, teaches them to use violence for the sake of violence. There's even a legend about him defeating Man of Zinc. It's a terrible lie and heresy, of course, but even if it is true, tell me please why would somebody who's good would fight Man of Zinc?"

Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth about Narizians

"I don't remember how they call themselves. They practice some sort of unarmed fighting in their rituals. They claim that Toowoomba is a sacred place because their prophet lived there, so the government had to promise them to preserve all their sacred buildings before they agreed to rebuild the town."

Nikuban about Narizians

"All those strange rituals when they imitate fighting someone, but don't really fight anyone... Ha! You should see it one day. They look so silly!"

Lois about Narizians

Narizians are members of an unarmed combat cult that worship Chunk Nariz (parody of Chuck Norris ) and are present in Alkubra and Janubi regions.

In Alkubra, Narizians are declared as heretics by the Church of Man of Zinc. They hid in the town of Lost by the time when the protagonist is looking for Olaf, which can decide on their fate. They can either be sent to Orth to be converted (where they will ultimately be killed in a police ambush instead), build a settlement with investments (from the protagonist with or without the help of Sapoboi Rodrigues), or move to the Tribal region (to Pullid Camp or Lintu Camp).

Toowoomba is a sacred city to Narizians because Chunk Nariz allegedly lived there. They extracted a promise from the Ozbet Government to preserve all holy sites before the town was allowed to be rebuilt.