Caravaneer 2 Wiki
Vital statistics
Occupation Militia Leader
Gender Male
Faction Liberation Army
Religion None
Status Alive
Location Ozbet

"'Oh yes. Right, right! Welcome to the Liberation Army. Sorry. I should have given you a more official welcome, but we didn't know when you would come. Anyway, my name is Nibukan. Please don't treat me as a boss. I'm merely a spokesman for others in our organization. I'd like to thank you on behalf of all our members for what you did for us in Alkubra. We'd be happy to have you as an active member of our organization. Unfortunately, our budget is very low and we'll not be able to provide you with adequate payment. Supporting the right cause is a reward within itself, but if you have better things to do, we would understand. It's a tough world where survival is already a hard enough work"


Nikuban is the leader for the Liberation Army. He is located in Ozbet and gives the three missions to the player for Liberation Army.

Aside considering himself as "merely a spokesman", Nikuban perform more tasks in the militia than just speak for the organization, like assign missions and manage the militia resources, such as members, weaponry and budget.


  • Nikuban's name literally means "meat bun" in Japanese
  • Nikuban will stop talking to the protagonist at any moment he or she got positive slaver reputation, saying "What?!! You are a slaver?!! Get out of here!".