Caravaneer 2 Wiki
Vital statistics
Occupation Volunteer


Scout (before being captured)

Gender Male
Faction Your Bunker
Religion None
Status Determinant
Location Cotton Fields

Olaf is the only scout at your bunker (other than the protagonist, who tecnically didn't finished the scout training by the game's beginning), and the protagonist's mentor and close friend.

The main quest of Caravaneer 2 is to find Olaf, who was supposed to prepare for a mission and had explicit orders not to leave the bunker, but vanished under mysterious circumstances. He was last seen on the desert by the protagonist, apparently watching as they completed their mission. His disappearance is the plot's kickickstarter. After returning from scouting the desert, the protagonist is assigned their first mission by Chairman Brass (who believes Olaf to have fleed): to locate and escort Olaf back to the Bunker, and is allowed to use violence against him if necessary. The protagonist is unwilling to use violence against their mentor at first, but accepts the pistol and ammunition provided by Brass.

In truth, Olaf's departure was caused by a disagreement between him and Chairman Brass over the military-grade uranium, used as the bunker's major energy source, that they were trading with Fafnir for regular uranium. Olaf had actually left the bunker to investigate where the military-grade uranium was going.

Fafnir pointed him to his "friend" and associate Calvin in New Serino. Olaf started to "ask too many questions", and so Calvin staged his arrest with the Alkubra Police, under false charges that he had attacked a police office, and sent him to the Cotton Fields as a slave.

After being rescued by the protagonist, he automatically joins the caravan as a volunteer.

Like all those living in the bunker, Olaf is very skeptical about religious beliefs. If the protagonist comments about hearing theories about Emilia's baby being a demon child (by Orion, Solanum III or Jacob Fulier), he will immediately dissmiss it as nonsense. After going back to the bunker and finding it deserted (with all its habitants kidnapped by the Workforce Merchants), Olaf and the protagonist find the body of Emilia's child, and he then explains that the baby's mutations were caused by radiation poisoning triggered by the bunker's downblending of nuclear warheads. Olaf's fate is determined by the player's actions (whether he allies with the Workforce Merchants or with the Liberation Army). He will likely remain with the protagonist's caravan throughout each endgame option. He can be killed after joining the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist, as any caravan member.


  • Physical: 4
  • Agility: 6
  • Accuracy: 7
  • Intelligence: 7


  • Olaf automatically becomes a volunteer after rescuing him from the Cotton Fields