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Ozbet is the capital of the Ozbet Government and also holds the headquarters of the Liberation Army.

Alcohol and Cannabis are illegal throughout the storyline in the Liberation Army path or until a certain point in the Workforce Merchants storyline.

To get to Ozbet from Fort Mitchell, travel at 118 degrees.



  • Buys and Sells
  • Produces water, lye, trousers, shirts, forage, wool, wool, skin, and tallow
  • Edible produces include insect, jerboa meat, and goat cheese

General Store[]

  • Sells weapons, ammo, containers, tools, etc

Weapon Store[]

  • Sells weapons and ammo

Transport Store[]

  • Sells animals and carts


  • Heals injured people for 140.00 per point
  • Does Eye Surgery for 35000.00
  • Does Upper Limb Surgery for 21000.00
  • Does Lower Limb Surgery for 28000.00

Veterinary Clinic[]

  • Heals injured animals for 74.00 per point

Repair Shop[]

  • Repairs damaged carts for 95.00 per point
  • Repairs damaged vehicles for 266.00 per point


  • Remands prisoners and gives rewards
    • Positive reputation with Ozbet Government
    • Negative reputation with Janubi Government, Narizians

Veterinary Institute[]

  • Trains people for 8800.00/Day
    • Veterinary X 150

Liberation Army Headquarters[]


Town's Industries[]

  • Water Well
  • Lye Production
  • Trousers Production
  • Shirt Production
  • Insect Farming
  • Jerboa Breeding
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Wool Processing
    • 7,875,000.00
  • Goat Cheese Production
    • 3,825,000.00
  • Pharmaceutics

New Industries[]

  • Leather Production
    • 405,000.00
  • Cotton Processing
    • 675,000.00
  • Leather Vests Production
    • 472,500.00
  • Shoes Production
    • 405,000.00
  • Leather Jackets Production
    • 40,000.00
  • Sheep Cheese Production
    • 607,500.00

Special Characters[]



  • A good place to sell textile, cotton, and wool
  • A good place to buy medicine and trousers


  • If the game goes on long enough, the town's unsustainable economy will collapse; to the point that it won't buy gold anymore.