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Patrolton is a town in the Qubba region. Unlike the surrounding Southern Qubba Towns, Patrolton is the most advanced Town in the Southern Qubba region.

It's also a reference to the Desert Patrol, a faction in Part 1 and according to Nikuban (Ozbet)They have defeated the corrupt Qubba Government. The leader of the Desert Patrol was John Sheppard,who plays a role in Liberation Army->Qubba storyline.

'till 80 years ago the town's name was Verdammtier Platz



  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces water, trousers, leather jacket, wool, skin, tallow, textile, vests, shoe, forage, and petroleum
  • Edible produces include lamb, goat meat, insect, sheep milk, and goat milk

General Store[]

  • Sells weapons, ammo, containers, tools, solar panels, etc

Weapon Store[]

  • Sells weapons and ammo

Transport Store[]

  • Sells animals, carts, and vehicles


  • Heals injured people for 180.00 per point
  • Does Eye Surgery for 45000.00
  • Does Upper Limb Surgery for 27000
  • Does Lower Limb Surgery for 36000

Repair Shop[]

  • Repairs damaged carts for 120.00 per point
  • Repairs damaged vehicles for 336.00 per point

John Sheppard's House[]

Install Transmitter[]


Town's Industries[]

  • Water Well
  • Trousers Production
  • Leather Jacket Production
  • Sheep Breeding
  • Insect Farming
  • Goat Breeding
  • Cotton Processing
  • Vests Production
  • Shoe Production
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Oil Drilling

New Industries[]

  • Shirts Production
    • 682,500.00
  • Leather Vests Production
    • 682,500.00
  • Alcohol Distillery
    • 1,462,500.00
  • Goat Cheese Production
    • 828,750.00
  • Sheep Cheese Production
    • 877,500.00
  • Cow Cheese Production
    • 780,000.00

Special Characters[]


  • John Sheppard's caretaker

John Sheppard[]

  • Plays a Role in the Qubba Storyline
  • According to Nikuban he is over 100 years old now.


Caravaneer Rarities D

The Price of Lamb, Around Nine Years After the Start of the Game.

  • The General Store can potentially sell advanced items such as Solar Panels
  • Due to a lack of sufficient Forage to supply the Goat/Sheep Breeding Industry, Goat Meat/Milk and Lamb/Sheep Milk can be sold at inflated prices
  • The image of Patrolton features two statue-like figures - One dedicated to John Sheppard and the other to the Caravaneer 1 Protagonist .