Caravaneer 2 Wiki
Vital statistics
Occupation Old World Enthusiast
Gender Male
Faction Travelers
Religion None
Status Alive
Location Northway

"I know a guy who's totally crazy about old electronics, he fixed a krypt load of devices and he knows how to copy music discs too. He was the one who introduced me to the old world music and now I'm totally hooked."

Kevin A about Pim

A technologically-inclined man who lives in Northway analyzing, trying to understand, fixing, making copies and recovering old technologies, mostly centered on the subject of geolocation. He is friend of Kevin A and introduced him to metal music.

Pim can give to the protagonist almanac tables for usage with the Sextant, and eventually give the protagonist a special mission for a GPS-like device once certain requirements are met.

Pim tends to be very concise in his speech, many times answering player's questions with just one word, but also tends to make long explanations when talking about his projects. It makes him have the shortest and the longest dialogue texts of the game.

Pim's name is an acronym for Personal Information Manager.


  • Real-life Pim van Dongen helped the game creation as a crowdfunder.