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Leader of the Pullid.

"Pullid, they're the smallest tribe and they hate everyone, but don't worry, they're mostly women and old men, absolutely harmless."

- Cricket about Pullid

"You see, Pullid are not very good diplomats. They never wanted Drekar in our region, which is generally a comprehensible position. Their error, however, was to openly oppose Drekar and to make some really offensive statements towards them. Hwever, even after these statements, Drekar did not attack them. They offered them forgiveness and peace in exchange for a regular tribute. Pullid went mad and they attacked Drekar... You see. And now they pay a much higher tribute after half a much higher tribute after half of thgeir people have been slaughtered and the other half are atreated really badly by Drekar."

- Kukul about Pullid

The Pullid tribe is one of the four tribes you meet in the beginning of the game. They are the smallest, weakest, and poorest tribe in the starting area. According to Cricket, when the Drekar moved into the area, the Pullid did not want them there and went to war with them and lost. Most of their warriors were killed, leaving only women, old men, and children. Many members of the tribe were enslaved by the Drekar.

In the past, the Pullid and the Lintu were friendly. The war with Drekar and the actions of the Lintu leader, Kukul, created animosity between them which has continued up to the present.

Lois and her female warriors are part of this tribe.

Initially, they are led by Apis, an old man who wears a motorcycle helmet. Depending on the player's actions, they may get a new leader. Much later in the storyline, the Pullid can be eliminated and their town destroyed, again depending on the player's actions or inactions.

Characters belonging to the Faction[]

Gameplay Info[]

The conflict between Pullid and Drekar is central to the Tribal missions. How the player resolves this conflict will have long-term effects on the region and the storyline.

The Pullid can play a role in future missions (Alkubra Walkthrough, Qubba/Federation Walkthrough) and Side-Missions, depending on the actions of the player.

The Pullid have no units except as created by storyline events. None of these units are hostile to the player.

Towns owned[]