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Vital statistics
Occupation Gang Member
Gender Male
Faction Regin's Gang
Religion Unknown
Status Determinant
Location Regin's Camp

Regin's brother, Fafnir

"When we last met in the Kivi Camp, I was working for a client named Regin, Fafnir's brother. Fafnir and Regin used to be in the same gang and their relationship was quite kay until several years ago when they had a major quarrel after hitting a governamental caravan that was transporting gold to Qubba city. They say that the amount of gold they seized was really huge, and that the important members of the gang turned against each other trying to get a larger share. It all ended up with the death of the gang's leader who also was Fafnir's and Regin's father and with Fafnir and a number of other gang members disappearing from Qubba along with all the gold.


Regin hired me to find Fafnir, which wasn't too hard.... The dumb Luthor kept using the old gang name and didn't eben try to lay low... well... anyway... It wasn't only about finding him, nut about defeating his gang and getting to Fafnir himself... or at least that's what I thought it was about... You see, when I accepted this job I believed that what Regin wanted was to avenge his father's death, bit I soon found out that the only thing he actually cared about was the stolen gold, so I started my own investigation and made some interesting discoveries.


You see, it all looked like if Fafnir killed his father and ran away with the gold while Regin had nothing to do with any of it, but I don't think it's true. I think that Regin and Fafnir arranged it all together and their plan went perfectly well until Fafnir decided to trick Regin and keep all the gold for himself.


Whatever happened between him and Fafnir in the past could be ireevelant to the present situation considering that Fafnir is dead, but it's not. The gold Fafnir was supposed to have was never found, although we dug myriads of holes all around the Drekar Camp, and Regin is seriously mad about it.


He heard a rumor about Fafnir hiding the gold in some secret tunnels near the Pullid camp. He also believes that Pullid themselves were helping Fafnir to guard the gold.


He's totally obssessed with this gold and he prefers to believe some crazy rumors rather that to be rational."

— Sigurd about Regin

Regin is the brother of Fafnir and son of Hreidmarr. He hired Sigurd to kill or deliver Fafnir alive to him. Later he gathers a gang that he plans to use to attack the Pullid Camp for believe Pullid have Drekar's gold.


  • Fafnir, Regin, and Sigurd's names and stories are references to a Norse mythology that is very similar to their in-game situation