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Richard Weaver
Vital statistics
Occupation President

Privateer (formerly)

Gender Male
Faction Qubba Government
Religion None
Status Determinant
Location Qubba

Poor Richard. He's so obssessed with keeping everybody happy that he can't see the real magnitude of the problem. He wasn't always like this, you know... He was a pirate before. I think he still has his Sand Sloop parked somewhere in Qubba."

— Nikuban about Richard Weaver

Former Privateer and current President of Qubba.

Reluctant initially to the idea of fighting the Federation , he is convinced to fight after reading John Sheppard's letter and order the intelligence to get all the possible information about the subject.

Eventually offers end-game missions after completing the game's storyline on Qubba's side.

Richard shares a similar background story with Oswald Raff: a outlaw that becomes president of Qubba. However, unlike Oswald, Richard abandoned crime and did not turned Qubba Government into a kleptocracy.

Richard Weaver will be killed if Qubba got destroyed.

Real-life Richard Weaver helped the game creation as a crowfunder.