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This is a list of rocket launchers and their various attributes. While the M32 MGL is a grenade launcher in real life, the game treats it as a rocket launcher and it is thus included here.


Weapon Weapon Type Ammo Ammo Capacity Accuracy Velocity Weight Price
M1 Bazooka Rocket Launcher M6 Missile 1 6 75 5.9 45000
M32 MGL Rocket Launcher 40x 46 mm Grenade 6 7 75 5.9 3000000

Weapon Details[]

M1 Bazooka[]

M1 Bazooka

Bob Burns will be proud!

  • Shot: 5 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP

Note(s): Available in the Qubba and The Federation regions.

The M1 Bazooka is the first rocket launcher ever created. Although used to be quite popular, it was later outshined by other advanced rocket launchers and went obsolete. However, being the easiest rocket launcher to manufacture and easy to use, the M1 Bazooka regains its popularity in this post-apocalypse world. While designed to target tanks and structures, the weapon manufacturers have redesigned the M6 missile by replacing the anti-tank warhead with fragmentation to decrease the cost and increase its anti-personnel effectiveness. The downside of this change is the massive decrease in power when it comes to hard object - so much to the point that it can't even breaks a thin concrete wall!

M32 MGL[]


It rains rockets and grenades!

  • Shot: 5 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP

Note(s): Only available in Ausz. Ammunition available in the Qubba and The Federation regions.

The M32 MGL(Multiple Grenade Launcher)is a six-shot revolver-type grenade launcher that is widely used by military all over the old world. As the old world comes to an end, most weapon manufacturers in new world find it too complicated for them to even mimic its shape, thus making it almost being forgotten by everyone. However, everything changed when some advanced military corps found several abandoned storages of M32 and grenades from the old world. With the help of their rather advanced machinery, they were able to analyze every parts and create the right molds to mass produce them. Two types of rounds that fit in the cylinder are also quickly replicated by many other manufacturers- M381 and M576. However, the quality of either rounds is still nowhere near the old world version thus don't be surprised if the explosion can't even chop a tree. Operating M32 is actually more complicated than it seems, but those with time and resources can still master them without blowing off their hands.