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Saint Billy
Vital statistics
Occupation Warrior
Gender Male
Faction The Church of Man of Zinc
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Dead
Location Saint Billy's Grave

"You see, long time ago there was a saint who lived in these parts. They called him Billy the Honorable. He was a great warrior who roamed the wasteland fighting the evil and helping the innocent. The considerable influence our church currently enjoys in Alkubra is his merit to a great extent."

— Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth about Saint Billy

Saint Billy, also known as Billy the Honorable, was a warrior who roamed the desert and is considered a saint by The Church of Man of Zinc.

He died many years ago. The legend says that Luthor himself descended from the Void to first win Billy's trust and then betray him in a crucial moment. Some say that it wasn't Luthor, but Chunk Nariz's follower.

Saint Billy was buried in the desert somewhere west of Alkubra. Some people claim to have seen his grave, but nobody knows the exact location.

Solanum III gives the player a mission to find Saint Billy's Grave, collect his remains and bring them to the Citadel of Loneliness, in Orth. The mission and the grave are only disponible in the DLC "Welcome to Games of Honor" .