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"All we know about the grave's location is what we heard from two different people who claimed to have seen it. One of them said that it was a four days walking distance to the west from Huira and the other one said that it was actually closer to Lago, somewhere in the south-west direction, so maybe it's not straight to the west from Huira, but a bit north of it. Unfortunately, the grave is small and not visible from far away. You probably don't need to hear my advice on this, but I think that you may want to check the general store here in Orth to see if they have any binoculars for sale."

Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth

Saint Billy's Grave is a special location in the Alkubra Region. It can be found 278.3°, 480km from Huira or 239.3°, 446km from Lago. It exists in Story Mode only.


Saint Billy's Grave[]


Town's Industries[]

  • None

New Industries[]

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