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Samantha Stone
Samantha Stone
Vital statistics
Occupation Company Leader

Mechanic (formerly)

Gender Female
Faction Liberation Army
Religion None
Status Determinant
Location Mikaze

"Some say that I make a good leader, but I find it quite boring to lead a company when nothing special is going on. I may even leave the company when it'll be over. Maybe I'll start a caravan. I like traveling."

— Samantha Stone

A member of the Mikaze rebels. Plays a large role in both the Workforce Merchants and the Liberation Army storylines as she leads the Mikaze rebellion.

She used to be a mechanic at the Mikaze Oil pumps, but since Mikaze Oil workers dismissed them old committee, they have chosen Samantha to lead the company until the emergency situation passes.

If the protagonist becomes a Liberation Army member, Samantha Stone can be recruited as a volunteer after he or she helps defend her rebellion against Janubi police.

If the protagonist becomes a Workforce Merchants worker, Samantha Stone can be captured in battle and recruited as a mercenary. The battle occurs if the protagonist fail to convince her to go to Tifk for a tour in Workforce Merchants industries. If the protagonist manages to convince her to go to the tour, Samantha Stone and the other Mikaze rebel leaders will be arrested by the police there, enslaved and sent to Cotton Fields, while the rebellion will be supressed in Mikaze without a fight.

Samantha Stone can be killed if Mikaze Rebels got attacked by the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist's caravan or by Alkubra Police. She also can killed after join the protagonist's caravan as a volunteer or prisoner, as any caravan member.


  • Physical: 6
  • Agility: 8
  • Accuracy: 7
  • Intelligence: 7

When fighting alongside Mikaze rebels, Samantha uses a M1 Garand rifle with .30-06 Springfield BTSP ammo.