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Saxaul Tree

"Oh! And... by the way, from now on report to Lois directly. Go to this point [draws a point on your map]. Measure it well or you'll miss it. You'll find a big saxaul there. Climb it and you'll see a perfect round hole in its trunk some three meters above the ground. Stick your hand into this hole and you'll find a button inside. Press the button and wait. Lois will come to meet you in a minute."

- Apis about Saxaul Tree

You climb the saxaul tree and do exactly like Apis told you. Half a minute later you notice some movements in a cluster of shrubs and stones about 50 meters from the tree. A rusty metallic lid moves to the side and a woman appears from the uncovered hole in the ground. As soon as you can see the woman's face you recognize Lois.

- Event when meeting Lois at the Saxaul Tree for the first time

The Saxaul Tree is a special location and Lois' hideout. It exists in Story Mode only.

There are no services at this location. It's possible to meet Lois here after Apis tell the protagonist how to contact her there.