Caravaneer 2 Wiki

In Caravaneer 2, schools are places where Mercenaries and Volunteers learn skills at a price. The player's character cannot learn skills from schools.

Any Mercenaries left in schools will wait indefinitely until manually picked up, upon which they will be paid all the back pay they were supposed to get while you were gone. If you fire the mercenary to avoid back pay then the minimum wage of the Mercenary will increase once you rehire him/her.

All items equipped to a Mercenary or Volunteer sent to study in a school is transferred to your caravan's inventory, accessible via the Caravan Menu - Equipment tab.

Many skills in game have the formula


so getting new skill levels is exponentially harder.

Police Academy[]

Location: Fort Mitchell

Experiences gained:

  • First Aid x 50
  • Dodge x 50
  • Rifles x 35
  • Pistols x 40
  • Unarmed x 25
  • Close Combat x 100
  • Ranged Weapons x 50
  • Battle Experience x 200

Price: 8000 / day

School of Kendo[]

Location: Shikendo

Experiences gained:

  • Swords x 250

Price: 7000 / day

School of Mechanics[]

Location: Tifk

Experiences gained:

  • Mechanic x 70

Price: 4300 / day

Veterinary Institute[]

Location: Ozbet

Experiences gained:

  • Veterinary x 150

Price: 8800 / day

School of Medicine[]

Location: Toho Sands

Experiences gained:

  • Doctor x 150

Price: 18000 / day