Caravaneer 2 Wiki
Vital statistics
Occupation Private Detective

Police Officer (formerly)

Gender Male
Faction Qubba Government
Religion The Church of Man of Zinc
Status Determinant
Location Kivi Camp

Sigurd is an ex-police officer, currently working as a private detective.

He is hired by Fafnir's brother Regin to hunt down and kill or deliver Fafnir alive to him. He has a leg injury that the rovers in his hut did to him when they attacked him in the middle of the night.

After the protagonist convince the Kivi to attack the Drekar he will have disappeared and Spencer Rice said he was picked up by somebody and couldn't have gotten far with his leg injury.

Later, after Nikuban ask the protagonist to go to Patrolton, he will tell you that a man came by asking for you and that he was at a hotel at the edge of town, and that man is Sigurd telling you that the private figure that hired him was Regin and that Regin was planning to attack the Pullid Camp with his gang and asks the protagonist's help to stop him. If the protagonist accepts the mission, Sigurd then offers himself to be a volunteer in the caravan

Sigurd has excellent gunnery skills, but poor carrying capacity an AP pool with medium/low initiative. Thus rifles (assault / common / sniper) are preferable to arming him with heavy weaponry (e.g. a machine gun or rocket launcher with heavy ammo).

Sigurd also can get killed after joining the protagonist's caravan as a volunteer, as can happen to any caravan member.


  • Physical: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Intelligence: 7


  • Sigurd has an agility of 3 with corresponding speed. If your caravan is faster, bring a mount or vehicle for him if you want Sigurd as a volunteer.
  • FafnirRegin, Hreidmarr and Sigurd's names, the dragon motif ("Drekar" and Fafnir's tattoos) and the story of the betrayals and murders (Fafnir and Regin killing their father Hreidmarr, Sigurd killing Fafnir on Regin's request and then killing his teacher Regin) related to a treasure of gold are references to the Sigurd saga of the Norse mythology.